What effect will the switch from infoscore Nederland BV to Riverty Services Netherlands B.V. have on you?

infoscore is now called Riverty and from now on operates as Riverty Services Netherlands B.V. As Riverty Back in Flow, we will work in the future to support people even more comprehensively and sustainably in finding or regaining their financial balance.

What remains? 

  • Your reference number remains the same.
  • Agreements already concluded remain in force, of course.


What changes for you?  

  • The name of our company changes to Riverty Services Netherlands B.V.
  • Please note the new name when making bank transfers
  • SEPA direct debits now have our new name.



  • There are no extra costs!
  • Your data are still safe with us – data protection is our top priority.


You can find more information about Riverty and our journey at riverty.com.